Process Space Art Festival 2021










1-8 June 2021
motto: Rearrangement of Layers

Penka Mincheva

participating artists:

Open call for remote participation in the 32nd Process Space Art Festival in Balchik 2021

In 2020, many things changed around the world and circumstances touched the artistic circles as well. At the beginning of the same year, the festival lost its founder Dimitar Grozdanov, there was a lockdown and Process - Space was held online, like many other events around the world. For some reason, life has turned us upside down and made us rethink values and rearrange our way of life and creation / presentation of art. The world had to experience the most global transformation of the 21st century.

Process – Space Art Festival also changed venues. From the very beginning, the town of Balchik has hosted the festival, where last year the latest online edition was presented in one day at the Cultural Information Center "Mill" in Balchik. Ruse, Plovdiv and Brushlen have hosted the festival for the past five years. We were part of the program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019. Now the festival returns to its hometown to touch its roots and start a new life in a new decade, rearranging the layers of memories, past, present and future.

"Rearrangement of Layers" refers to values and physical or digital movement that can be achieved on stage and remotely through technology and professional skills. The ability to adapt to certain circumstances makes us creative and provokes combinatorial thinking. Therefore, one can turn to oneself, dig into the accumulated layers of knowledge and experience, and apply them to reality as it dictates to be today.

From an artistic point of view, the rearrangement of the places of residence, living and creation is a natural act of art, present in the works of a number of authors. Such art residences provoke these processes. The perspective changes and is reflected in the creative search and everything we want to achieve is part of the work atmosphere and the process.

Balchik is a town with interesting landscape architecture, which offers a variety of terrains. The typical white rocks of the city fit into the urban environment, surrounded by platforms and cascades of earth masses, which often change their shape. The soil is clayey and the terrain is changeable and due to the groundwater currents, the layers change their positions and so the shore forms its new curves. Historically, Balchik is rich in cultural strata that have preserved the development of various cultures from millennia to the present day. An artistic reading of this heritage in combination with the new forms of expression will undoubtedly reflect the symbiosis between art, time and space.


Until the end of May, the festival's website will contain a link to  folders on Google Drive containing photo and video materials reflecting spaces and terrains of the city. These materials are freely provided to all artists wishing to participate remotely, as a basis for their works. This form of participation allows already participating artists to look at Balchik through the prism of time and project it into their present, and those who have never been there to get acquainted with the opportunities and diversity that this town offers. Artists are invited to transform and manipulate this digital foundation through the tools of their practice. At the beginning of June a selection will be made and the selected works will be presented in the final exhibition of the 32nd festival in the Cultural - Information Center "The Mill" in Balchik on June 8, 2021 from 19:00.

- Photo and video materials can be found here:

- Send your works by 31.05.2021 to via WeTransfer and Dropbox, accompanied by a text file containing the names of the author, country, title of the work, technique, size and duration (if applicable), concept and CV. Those who want to send works on physical media can do so at their own expense at: Balchik 9600, Bulgaria, 6 September Square 6, Balchik Municipality, Sava Tiholov, for Festival Process - Space or by Econt, accompanied by the same information mentioned above for the author and the artwork.

- Proposals for spatial solutions on stage are accepted until the end of May. Students from the National Academy of Arts will be involved in the implementation of spatial projects in the environment. This type of project requires a detailed explanation of the concept and implementation, as well as a sketch / visualization of the idea. Only projects that are realistic in realisation will be built on stage.

The participating works, as well as their documentation remain for the collection of Process – Space Art Festival at the will of the artists.


 - Creative process and submission of works by May 31, 2021
- June 1-2 - selection of works
- June 2-6 - implementation of spatial solutions
- June 8 - exhibition of selected works in the Alternative Space of the Cultural - Information Center "The Mill" - Balchik.


Take a walk with us in Balchik and explore this place for a day!

Neno Belchev and I went to Balchik at the end of April to capture places, impressions and symbols of the city. We hope that through our eyes you will find inspiration for transformation or interaction with place and space. Use your imagination and / or memories to be present in Balchik with the tools that are most applicable to your artistic practice and passion! Since we may not have captured everything, you can search for additional information on the Internet about Balchik itself and its multi-layered history.

Special thanks to Neno Belchev for the photage!

Penka Mincheva