Process Space Art Festival 2015










Balchik, 2-16 June 2015

Motto: 24 hours

Penka Mincheva
Hristina Bobokova
Dimitar Grozdanov


Ashleigh Berry (Australia)
Christian Thomas (France)
Damyan Boumbalov (Bulgaria)
Denitsa Todorova (Bulgaria)
Dimitar Grozdanov (Bulgaria)
Hristina Bobokova (Bulgaria)
Marieta Golomehova (Bulgaria)
Matthias Roth (Germany)
Milen Dzhanovsky (Bulgaria)
Nicole Ward (Australia)
Omid Shekari (Iran)
Penka Mincheva (Bulgaria)
Quindell Orton (Australia)
Serena Chalker (Australia)
Todor Balev (Bulgaria)

sponsor: Plamen Bobokov

partners: Union of Bulgarian Artists, Balckik Municipality, Hotel-Restaurant Lotos, Restaurant Dyonisius Albena
  The number 24 occurs as in the legends and the tales of fairies as well as in the Bible. Most often it is associated with the idea of ​​wisdom, revelation, and the movement of time. 24 is a royal figure and in another case it means a load of personality with particular significance and opportunities. The number represents both, harmonious balance and vocation. In some mythologies southern and northern stars are 24, i.e. it has a cosmic sense. Today the most popular symbols of the figure is related to the real time and day, which is divided by 24 hours. Here fit our ideas for mental and intellectual personal development and of course for contradictions light-dark and black and white.
In this particular case, the choice of the number 24 as the motto of the festival is that it is held for the 24th time. And as we look back it seems that all the qualities of this number, which we mentioned are contained in the history of the festival.
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