Process Space Art Festival 2020
Dimitar Grozdanov, Sechko, raisin, pigments and donkey shit, 2007










Online, 22-28 June 2020
motto: Heavens Gardens

Penka Mincheva

participating artists:
artists please see the open call

Heavens Gardens

Dear Friends of Process – Space Art Festival,

As many of you may have learned, the founder of the festival Dimitar Grozdanov left us in the beginning of this year. He has founded the festival in 1992 and up to now, the festival functioned on annual basis with no brake, and in 2019 took place it’s 30th edition.

I kept receiving questions like “What is going to happen now with Process – Space?”. I’ve been working on several concepts of continuation and/or transformation of the festival into another form of happening following the world-wide examples being dictated of the present.

To keep the chain and due to the global situation in the art fields of today, this year I decided to create an online edition as a tribute to Dimitar Grozdanov. And because this edition will be held in a memory of him, the motto is Heavens gardens, as I believe he has found his place there!

Artists, former participants and friends of Dimitar are invited to create new works within the next two weeks, (as usually the festival takes place for two weeks, at this time of the year), and to send them for further selection and publications.

Looking forward in receiving your works and to share together good memories about the old times! If you find some good memories, feel free to share them at the personal page of the festival on Facebook. This way we will illuminate the virtual space better with thoughts about Dimitar Grozdanov and Process – Space.

Penka Mincheva