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logo 25th process space art festival

In 2017 the Process – Space Art Festival will take place in Russe, Bulgaria from June 2nd till June 16th.

20 Artists will be selected from all over the world to participate in the 26th edition with the motto Motions.

During the festival there will be a varied program with presentations, workshops, performances and actions in the city. (Printed program will be available at Elias Canetti Centre and other cultural institutions in Russe from May.)


Programm 2017
locations in Ruse:
Canetti HouseSlavyanska 12 St.
Hotel Riga - bul. Pridunavski 22
National School of ArtsSlivnitsa 3 St.

Rowen Foster-cruci[fiction
Rowen Foster-cruci[fiction

June 15 - June 30
Exhibition of the 26th festival (11:00 - 19:00) Canetti House

  June 13 (Tuesday)
Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Dilmana Yordanova Bulgaria
Iskra Prodanova Bulgaria
Miryan Kolev Bulgaria
  June 12 (Monday)
Workshop in drawing into a projected moving images by Emma Wood United Kingdom(14:00) National School of Arts
June 10 (Saturday)
Performance in elevator. Conceptual acoustic music for elevators with accordion, double bass and violin by 555 Gabelstaplerfahrer: Charlotte Scheer, Robert Porth, Daniel Sitbon Germany (18:00-19:00) Hotel Riga

Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Magnús Logi Kristinsson Iceland / Finland
Didier Mahieu Belgium
Wendimagegn Belete Ethiopia / Norway

  June 9 (Friday)
Workshop in drawing with Neno Belchev and Ivona Ivanova Bulgaria (14:00) National Schol of Arts

Concert by 555 Gabelstaplerfahrer (22:00-22:45) Canetti House

  June 8 (Thursday)
Workshop with children with focus on inspiration and experimental practise with Kim Dotty Hachmann Germany (14:00) National Schol of Arts

Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Herman Lamers & Yvo van der Vat The Netherlands
Emma Wood United Kingdom

  June 7 (Wednesday)
Workshop on digital art making processes and experimentation using the software Photoshop and After Effects by Ben Coiacetto United Kingdom / Australia (17:00) Canetti House

Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Bistra Lechevalier & Joachim Gliem France
Penka Mincheva Bulgaria

  June 6 (Tuesday)
Workshop Contemporary trends in Central and East-European PhotographyShow & Tell by Crisia Miroiu Romania (17:00) Canetti House

Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Ben Coiacetto United Kingdom / Australia
Ivona Ivanova Bulgaria
Marta Wlusek Poland / United Kingdom

  June 5 (Monday)

Pressconference (11:00) Canetti House

Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Eeva-Liisa Puhakka Finland /Germany
Müge Yıldız Turkey / United Kingdom
Neno Belchev Bulgaria

  June 4 (Sunday)
Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Kim Dotty Hachmann /Germany
Matthias Roth /Germany
Marcos Vidal /Spain

June 3 (Saturday)
Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Rowen Foster USA
Crisia Miroiu Romania
Mustafa Boga Turkey

  June 2 Friday

Canetti House
Multimedia presentation of Process – Space Art Festival
Talk with Dimitar Grozdanov a founder of the festival (18:00-18:30)
Interactive dialogue – introduction of the artists / 3 min each (18:40-19:30)
Gonul-Nuhoglu-2015-photo: M. Roth-rolux.de 13 December 2016 (Tuesday) 18:00 - Exhibition "Safety Pin" - two editions; Highlights from Process - Space 2016 and Selected video and performance art from the past 25 festivals at the Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists - 6 Shipka St., 3rd floor, Sofia
Gönül Nuhoglu 2015 (detail)  
  06.07.2016 (Wednesday) 18:00 - Exhibition "25 Artworks and 7 images" - Ethnographical Museum, Balchik
Opening at Union of Artists Ruse 2016 14 June 2016 (Tuesday) 18:00 – Exhibition opening with works from the 25th festival at the Gallery of the Union of Russe Artists, 6 Borisova St. (till 28 June)
Canetti House Ruse 12 June 2016 (Sunday) 18:00 – Exhibition opening with works from the 25th festival at Canetti House Russe, 12 Slavyanski Blvd. (till 28 June)

28 May 2016 (Saturday) 18:00 – Opening of the retrospective exhibition 25 years Process–Space Art Festival – Canetti House Russe (till 8 June)
Ivitation card Retrospective Exhibition Tarnovo 2016 22 April 2016, 18:00 – Opening of the retrospective exhibition 25 years Process – Space Art Festival at the exhibition halls “Rafael Michaylov”, 1 Rafael Michaylov St., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. (till 15 May 2016)